Defiance, Iowa — As the popularity of honey continues to grow, Smitty Bee operations are growing along with it. The company is preparing to add approximately 20,000 square feet to their facilities in Defiance, Iowa, an expansion that is estimated to increase capacity by 50%. The new space will accommodate a retail bottling room, a research and development laboratory, offices and additional warehouse space, all designed with features to make the operation even more energy efficient.

With more and more consumers discovering the great taste and health benefits of honey, and food producers increasingly utilizing honey as an all natural sweetener, production at Smitty Bee has hit an all-time high. After over 80 years in the industry, the company has nearly tripled in size in the last decade.

As capacity and output grows considerably, Smitty Bee remains committed to high food safety and quality standards. This includes utilizing internal and independent lab testing facilities as well as a traceability program, while hiring third party auditors to monitor, verify and maintain honey quality. Smitty Bee also maintains ethical sourcing practices, employing a strict approval and certification process for suppliers.