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Honey provides quality and value to many food products. Whether as a sweetener or a natural preservative, honey is both classic and trending. As a quality value ingredient with natural intrinsic benefits, honey is becoming more popular in the market. Honey may be substituted as a healthier choice to corn-based sugars. Its subtle touch enriches the flavors of a wide variety of food products. The versatility of honey makes it a popular ingredient of choice.

Food safety and quality are our highest priorities. Smitty Bee Honey is a certified SQF processor, meaning we strictly adhere to HACCP-based safety and quality management across our entire supply chain. To achieve superior quality from the flower to your table, we influence our suppliers to adopt the same practices as we do. Our allergen-free production facility is also kosher and certified organic.

Our commercial honey is unlike any other in the industry. Careful attention to detail and lot segregation processes ensures that customer orders are specific and consistent. From 5 gallon pails to 4,000-gallon tankers, our turnaround capabilities are shorter than the industry average. We are more than just a honey supplier. Our in-house maintenance team also offers on-site customer support with equipment fabrication and consulting.

Commercial Pack Icon5 Gallon (60 lbs) Pail Easy to handle and transport. Durable 60 pound pails come with a tear tab safety lid.
Pallet Configuration
24 count –1440 net lbs
36 count –2160 net lbs


Commercial Pack Drum Icon55 Gallon (640lbs) Drum Drums are a great value for small to moderate bulk users. 2560lbs or 4 drums can fit on one pallet for easy shipping.


Commercial Pack Tote Icon275 Gallon (3200lbs) Tote Overall best value for moderate to large orders. Totes create an efficient means of dispensing with maximum product safety. One-way disposable totes also are very economical for less frequent orders.


Commercial Pack Wagon Icon Bulk Tanker Wagon Bulk tank wagons are the best value for large, high demand customers. Kosher certified tanks are available.

Any container size may be ordered with the selected color grade for your particular needs.

Custom blending

We work with each customer to achieve a blend of honey tailored for your specific product needs. We match flavor, color, and quality with every batch no matter the size of the order. We offer consultative services if you need assistance in deciding what honey varieties work best for your particular product.

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