For over 85 years, Smitty Bee has been passionate about producing and packaging high-quality honey, and that passion has helped create one of the most respected brands in the industry. Our outstanding relationship with suppliers, good management practices and commitment to quality reflects the excellence and consistency of our honey products.

Our honey is hand selected to meet our extremely high standards. Honey is blended according to customer specifications using different varietals, colors and flavors to achieve unique, yet uniform color and flavor profiles. We use a non-invasive straining process that excludes any processing aids that affect the taste and natural properties of honey. Straining also leaves the natural pollens intact and protects the integrity and authenticity of the honey. Honey is a 100% pure product of nature and we intend to keep ours that way!

While you may find Smitty Bee on the store shelves at your local grocer, our honey is also used by many USA food manufacturers as a quality ingredient. Smitty Bee offers a wide range of packaging and honey options for both individual and commercial use. Our commitment to quality shows in every pound of Smitty Bee Honey.