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Smitty Bee Honey’s unique process is applied to private label honey. Our straining process leaves the honey with an identity which ensures authenticity and ethical sourcing.

From blends to single source varietals, Smitty Bee will take the time to work with you to achieve the perfect custom honey for your product needs. Whether it’s a certain color, flavor or country of origin, we will meet your specifications. Smitty Bee Honey is 100% pure Grade A, and we have the capability to produce and package certified organic and kosher honey. We offer a variety of innovative packaging options and design support to give your product shelf presence.

At Smitty Bee Honey, we are committed to maintaining the highest level of food safety. As an SQF certified supplier, we strictly adhere to HACCP-based safety and quality management systems that cover all aspects of our operation.


We are also a valuable resource for co-packing with the ability to process and package your unique honey blends to your specifications. We have the capabilities to package in a range of container sizes and types, including glass. Our production schedules are time sensitive no matter the size of the orders. We take pride in building strong co-packing partnerships.

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