Our suppliers undergo a strict approval process and certification process, and we pride ourselves on strong, long-term relationships with trusted partners. Furthermore, our comprehensive testing procedures and 100% lot testing protocols ensure proof of authenticity and offer our customers a sense of security.

All Smitty Bee products are fairly and legally traded. We import honey in accordance with U.S. Law without circumvention of trade duties. Smitty Bee Honey does not condone nor participate in any illegal trading practices.

Quality Control: “The Smitty Bee Standard”

We sell only 100% pure Grade A honey. No matter the varietal of honey or geographical region, we set a high industry standard for ourselves and our suppliers. Smitty Bee utilizes two independent lab tasting facilities (one domestic, one overseas) to ensure that our standards are met and our knowledgeable staff follows strict self-imposed guidelines to make sure every batch of Smitty Bee Honey is at its best. Honey is not released for production until it undergoes rigorous reviews and lotting procedures. Our traceability program further allows us to monitor and maintain the high quality of our honey.

Food Safety

Smitty Bee takes food safety seriously. Our many years of experience at hand selecting raw product ensures our customers we are selling the highest quality honey with an esteemed level of food safety. All of our suppliers are certified by the Food Defense Program and subjected to Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) testing at independent labs with third-party inspectors. Our honey has been recognized as kosher by the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America, and our facility is certified organic. In addition, all Smitty Bee employees are continuously trained in food and operational safety.
Certified by sqf quality supplier
A complete list of Smitty Bee Certifications and Inspections follows:

  • HACCP Program
  • Kosher
  • Organic
  • State
  • FDA
  • Safe Quality Food Certification

Environmentally Conscious

With honey being a 100% pure and natural product, Smitty Bee takes every possible measure to protect and preserve our environment for honey production and the next generation of apiarists.

Our facilities are being built for maximum energy efficiency with usage monitoring and we do our part to reduce water and electricity usage whenever possible. We also work to minimize waste of resources by crushing and recycling drums and scrapping metal.