Defiance, Iowa -­ Smitty Bee Honey recently released two new retail brands of honey. Golden Harvest and Cosecha de Oro (the Spanish translation of Golden Harvest) have been developed for sale at select retail chains and are available for purchase in a variety of sizes and container options. The brands are the first additions to the company’s existing family of flagship Smitty Bee Honey products.

Cosecha De Oro is a particular focus for Smitty Bee, something the company designed specifically with the Hispanic population in mind. This single sourced wildflower honey is hand selected from a variety of bountiful wildflowers found on Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula. It boasts a light amber color and harbors a unique, full-bodied flavor that can only be found in authentic Mexican honey. Based on initial positive response to the product, the company is exploring the possibility of offering a Cosecha De Oro organic label in the next year.

The company has kept price conscious shoppers in mind as well. Smitty Bee Honey’s Golden Harvest brand is budget-friendly, making this honey perfect for large batch, multi-purpose baking. A unique combination of international extra light amber honey with a mild, smooth flavor, Golden Harvest is also an excellent choice as an alternative sweetener to sugar.

In addition to traditional plastic packaging, the new honey brands are being made available for purchase in glass containers to cater to customer preferences. Smitty Bee is one of only a few companies in the nation that offer a glass packaging program. They have invested in bottling line equipment and implemented safety measures that allow them to package high volumes of honey utilizing glass as an option.

“We are excited about the release of these new products as it’s allowing us to reach new audiences with our honey,” said Smitty Bee President Tony Schmitz. “This also showcases our company’s private label capabilities, which is an area of our business that is poised for significant future growth.”